The importance of environmental sanitization must never be underestimated, especially in light of the recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which has done nothing but amplify – and raise awareness of – an extremely important issue for the health of individuals.  

The subject of sanitization is covered extensively by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, which we at AMIL Care make available for consultation in this link. 

When is hydrogen peroxide used?

Sanitizing environments is now a fundamental action, whether it is a question of sanitizing healthcare environments – hospitals, dental surgeries, clinics, etc. – or sanitizing industrial environments. 

Hospital environments, in particular, are unfortunately particularly prone to the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, and viruses responsible for infections, even dangerous ones. However, there are numerous ways to prevent them. Research carried out by the AMDO (National Association of Hospital Management Doctors) gave a precise overview of the main infections that can be found in hospitals, specifying which prevention measures can be applied, starting with the sanitization of environments. And this is where we at AMIL Care come in. 

What is Medibios Basic? 

In this article we would like to introduce our flagship product, Medibios Basic, the latest generation micronebuliser, which is practical, handy, and high-tech. It is a CE-marked Class I Medical Device, and it is designed to be used in different hospital areas. Medibios Basic dispenses liquid solutions such as class IIa medical devices, biocides, medical aids and supplies, and sanitizers. 

Each operator must scrupulously follow the warnings and instructions given in the manual, contained within each product. 

 What are the components of Medibios Basic?  

First of all, let’s see what the components of the Medibios Basic are. 

In addition to the display, there are two fuses on the device, a flow control valve, a switch, and the USB stick download socket. Together with the device, the package contains: 

  •  a power cable; 
  • a USB stick; 
  • two spools needed to insert the product to be dispensed. 

According to need, AMIL Care offers a range of dispensing products, which are excellent and of high quality: these are airborne disinfectants for non-invasive medical devices and surfaces such as instruments, operating tables, and medical units. 

Depending on the percentage of hydrogen peroxide, we will have: 

  • Evolyse Basic – 6% hydrogen peroxide 
  • Sterilbios Basic – 6% hydrogen peroxide 
  • Evolyse Strong – 12% hydrogen peroxide 
  • Sterilbios Strong – 12% hydrogen peroxide 

The products, which we will discuss in detail in a dedicated article, are available in 1-, 2- and 5-liters bottles.  

How to prepare environments for Medibios Basic?  

Any disinfection or sanitization process – which, it has to be remembered, are not the same thing: as mentioned in a dedicated article must be preceded by a series of precautions that ensure, on the one hand, the success of the treatment and, on the other hand, total safety for everyone’s health. 

Therefore, before performing a treatment, it is necessary to ensure that the room is suitable. To accomplish this, it is necessary to make sure: 

  • that there are no air extraction systems switched on at the time of treatment. If it is not possible to switch off the ventilation system, correction factors can be assessed on the basis of the system characteristics; 
  • that no product is released into the room to be treated (if necessary, seal door gaps with adhesive tape);
  • that the notice of treatment in progress is displayed outside the room; 
  • that the room is dry and clean; 
  • that there are no people or animals in the room to be sanitized. 

 How does Medibios Basic work? 

First of all, it is necessary to carefully place the device on a perfectly flat surface inside the room to be treated, taking care to leave a distance of about 1 meter on the delivery line to permit correct delivery. Furthermore, it is a good idea to ensure that the device rests on the shock-absorbing pads and not on the lower body, so as not to block the ventilation and air intake slots. 

Once the device is powered, the stand-by screen will appear; the display will show the date, time, and temperature. 

Before starting the sanitizing cycle, of course, the bottle must be placed in the slot behind the device. All that needs to be done is to unscrew the bottle, replace the cap with one of the two supplied spools, and insert the spool into the device. A clangour will indicate that the bottle is properly seated. 

Before starting the device, it is necessary to make sure that the two nozzles of the dispenser are perfectly aligned so that the jets do not cross each other. 

Using the Program button, the dosages can be entered or changed as required. 

When the desired volume is reached, simply press Program, and the device is ready for use by pressing the Start button. You will hear a 15-second countdown before the actual start: at this time, the operator and any bystanders have time to leave the room and close the door tightly to avoid dispersion. 

Medibios Basic: the available programs

Medibios Basic consists of 18 programs. 

Program 1 covers 100 cubic meters with a dosage of 1 ML. Programs 1 to 5 are based on the fixed dosage of 1 ML: depending on the cubic meters, the program, and the time in which the room is sanitized will obviously change. 

Programs 6 to 10 are set so that the dosage is 3 ML per cubic meter: the device will calculate a multiplication of three times the dosage and disinfectant. 

Programs 11 to 15, similarly, will have the same mechanism, multiplying the dosage five times.

Programs 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 will therefore allow the customer to program the cubic meters that they find most convenient, but the device will already calculate the dispensing time multiplied by 5.  

Program 16 is dedicated to flushing, which is necessary to dispense all the liquid in the tank, thus leaving it empty. This program is used in case there is a need to change the type of chemical, to avoid mixing the product from a bottle of another type with what was already the residue in the tank. A 100 ML bottle of distilled water can be used to rinse and then empty the cannulas, tubes, and joints. 

Program 17 is a manual program, in which you enter the measurements you prefer. It is used for spaces of unusual dimensions. 

Finally, program 18 is the weekly one. 

Using the Program button, you choose the day of the week or days of the week on which you want to start programming.  

To reset it, simply set the timer to 00:00. 

How to check the execution of Medibios Basic cycles?

 To check the execution of the cycles and the successful outcome, it is necessary to press the report icon: here you can not only see the successful outcome of the cycle, but you can also print it out at any time. 

To return to the main menu, simply press the Start button. 

Whichever program is used, it is good to remember to re-enter the room only after the hydrogen peroxide value is ≤ 1 ppm, which can be measured with a suitable detector. 

In case there are any doubts about using the Medibios Basic device, or if there are any questions or curiosities about the products and devices, we at AMIL Care are available to answer any queries.