Medisystem provides a high-level automated disinfection system with “no touch” technology, together with evidence-based decontamination protocols, mainly in critical areas and on the main multidrug-resistant pathogens, even in areas that are difficult to reach. Medisystem combines automated dispensing devices with disinfectant chemicals, both developed by the company.

The AMIL Care range of micronebulizers includes devices that can treat maximum volumes ranging from 500 cubic metres to 10,000, with a number of nozzles varying from one to four. The device is protected by a patent, which guarantees a standardised protocol regardless of human intervention. Thanks to a fine calibration, the system disinfects by saturating a confined space, delivering the product in a constant quantity and at a constant rate, according to the assigned protocol. Standardisation and automation of the process allow greater safety and exclude the possibility of human error.


All the products that make up the Medisystem are designed and developed by AMIL Care to meet the needs of the operators, the environment and are developed in compliance with current health and safety regulations.

AMIL Care micronebulizers work exclusively with products from the lines: Evolyse and Sterilbios for the healthcare and hospital sectors, Sanibios and Lytecare for industrial, service and accommodations environments.

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Let’s discover the Medisystem disinfection system

9 August 2023|

Medisystem was born from the experience of AMIL Care, a patented, automated disinfection system capable of providing a broad spectrum of effectiveness, thanks to the combination of micro-nebulizing machines and chemical solutions based on hydrogen [...]