Medisystem was born from the experience of AMIL Care, a patented, automated disinfection system capable of providing a broad spectrum of effectiveness, thanks to the combination of micro-nebulizing machines and chemical solutions based on hydrogen peroxide. In this way, Medisystem distinguishes itself from the competition by reaching high levels of disinfection, thanks to its virucidal, bactericidal, mycobactericidal, fungicidal, and sporicidal power. 

Sanitization of environments: the importance for each sector

The presence of pathogens in the environments in which we work and live represents a potential risk to our health. How The Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of following adequate sanitation and disinfection processes, for the safety of each of us. 

AMIL Care knows the importance of high-level disinfection and has always offered technologically advanced solutions, capable of providing certifiable and replicable disinfection standards in all conditions. This is the thought behind the Medisystem disinfection system, created by the company starting from the observation of various sanitization needs. Therefore, we are not only talking about the healthcare sector – in which correct disinfection, in line with the required regulations, plays a fundamental and essential role – but also about others, such as those related to services and hospitality. 

AMIL Care has developed the Medisystem disinfection system by dividing its range into two macro-categories: one designed for the medical and hospital sectors, and the other for the industrial, service, and hospitality sectors. 

 This is the same breakdown that appears on the homepage of the AMIL Care website, in this way, it is easier to find the solutions that suit your disinfection needs, dictated by the type of environment in which you have to operate. 

Medibios: at the service of the hospital sector

One of the most important challenges in healthcare is that of healthcare-associated infections (HAI). Relying on disinfection systems with certified standards and in step with scientific literature, such as Medibios machinery, contributes both to the prevention and fight against HAI. 

Medibios machines are micro-nebulizing devices for dispensing disinfectants, classified as a class I medical device, CE marked. 

The Medibios range of machinery is made up of different devices, with features designed for various healthcare environments, such as operating theatres, hospital rooms, dental offices, etc. 

Let’s see an overview of the devices in the Medibios range, which together with the AMIL Care chemical product line, make up the Medisystem disinfection system. 

  • Medibios basic: the latest generation micro-nebulizer, practical and with automated operation, designed for use in various hospital areas. The automated system with “no touch” technology present on all Medibios devices allows to eliminate the risk of human error, guaranteeing standardized and repeatable sanitization processes, in line with current regulations.
  • Medibios basic ref. dental: designed for use in small areas, with a treatable volume from 10 to 500 m3, ideal for use in dental operating rooms, dental surgeries, and other healthcare environments.
  • Medibios basic ref. bsc: this device covers a larger treatable volume, from 10 to 1000 m3.
  • Medibios plus: a handy and technological micro-nebulizing device, with a treatable volume from 10 to 2000 m3. Medibios plus allows you to carry out 3 different cycle options, sanitation, disinfection, and disinfestation and provides 300 customizable programs for each cycle. You can monitor the sanitation/disinfection/disinfection activities by saving the cycle reports on USB pen drives in PDF format carried out. For each cycle, it is possible to record: the program used, the name of the structure, the identification of the user, the product used and its lot, the volume, the protocol, the day of execution of the cycle, the start time at the end, the room temperature and any alarms.
  • Medibios plus.hub: evolution of Medibios plus, this device has additional features, such as room recognition via unique IRED a secure and encrypted remote connection, and monitoring.

All the machines of the Medibios line are patented and characterized by the practicality of use and advanced technology. With Medibios devices it is possible to disinfect by saturation even the most critical and difficult-to-reach areas, as well as obtain effective disinfection even on smooth and porous surfaces. This is possible through the dispensing of disinfectant products from the turbines of the machinery, which emit particles between <1 and 5 µm in constant quantity, following the established protocol. The combination of these features of Medibios machinery guarantees effective and high-level disinfection, capable of reducing the infectious risk in healthcare environments and combating healthcare-related infections. 

Teknobios and Maxibios: sanitization for the industrial, service, and hospitality sectors 

Environments for public use, the food and catering industry, the service and hospitality sector, and the correct sanitization of environments are also essential in non-hospital sectors. 

AMIL Care puts its experience at the service of developing disinfection systems in these fields too, offering suitable, patented, and certified tools. The Medisystem disinfection system includes a range of Teknobios and Maxibios machines, designed to adapt to the different sanitization needs of each environment. 

Here are the machines available: 

  • Teknobios (1L, 2L, 5L): the micro-nebulizing device of Teknobios ready-to-use solutions is available in several versions, one dedicated to small areas (Teknobios 1L), one on a mobile cart (Teknobios 2L) and one for the wall (Teknobios 5L). Teknobios design makes it easily adaptable to any situation and environment. Teknobios machines have two adjustable dispensing nozzles and the possibility of choosing between 3 different cycles, sanitation, disinfection, and disinfestation (and 300 customizable programs for each cycle), and to create and save reports of the cycles performed.
  • Teknobios. hub: upgrade of Teknobios machines, this version maintains all the features, also offering room recognition via unique IRED, secure and encrypted remote connection, and monitoring.
  • Maxibios: the micro-nebulizing device designed for industrial use and for the treatment of large volumes. In fact, it covers from 10 to 10,000 m3 and uses 4 adjustable delivery nozzles. On this device it is possible to configure the unit of measurement for volume (m3/ft3) and temperature (°C/°F).

Like the other devices of the Medisystem disinfection system, Maxibios allows you to set 3 different cycles, for sanitation, disinfection, or disinfestation, and to choose from 300 personalized programs. 

Sanitization/disinfection/disinfection activities can be monitored through the creation of reports. 

What is used to sanitize environments?

After having seen the main characteristics of the AMIL Care machines, it is time to take an overview of the associated chemical products, always developed by the company. As we have seen, the Medisystem disinfection system is made up of a series of micro nebulizing devices (Medibios, Teknobios, Maxibios) and a range of chemical products. 

The AMIL Care offer of products for sanitizing environments is characterized by ready-to-use solutions based on hydrogen peroxide and silver salts, available in various concentrations. Hydrogen peroxide is a biocide with proven efficacy, safe, with a broad spectrum of action (biocide, sporicidal, bactericide, virucide, fungicide), and non-toxic for the environment, as it degrades quickly into oxygen and water. 

Here is an overview of the AMIL Care chemicals available: 

  • Evolyse, Sterilbios: ready-to-use liquid solutions based on hydrogen peroxide and silver salts, designed for healthcare environments. Evolyse and Sterilbios fall into the category of high-level disinfectant products, as their action allows the elimination of most microorganisms from surfaces. Evolyse and Sterilbios are both available in different concentrations, at 6% and 12% hydrogen peroxide, and in various formats (1 L, 2 L, 5 L).
  • Sanibios: sanitizing product created for use in non-sanitary environments. Sanibios is a hydrogen peroxide-based sanitizing solution, available in various concentrations (6% and 12%), with and without the addition of silver sulfate.

Why sanitizing environments is important

The sanitization and disinfection of environments is an extremely important process for everyone’s health and safety, as well as being a procedure regulated by certain rules and standards, depending on the sector. 

AMIL Care carries on the culture of sanitization through constant study and scientific updating, aimed at finding technically advanced solutions in line with current regulations, as well as observing the various constantly evolving sanitation needs.