The Company

A member of our team ahead of his time began his journey by challenging himself to create a high-level disinfection system. He realized that the disinfection methods in use were not adequate, it was necessary to create a medical device that combined certifiable guarantees in full compliance with local and international standards.

As a result, Medibios patented in 2012, an automated Class I Medical Equipment (CE marked and FDA registered), an innovative technological system that meets rigorous certified safety standards in conjunction with the use of our Ecological chemical solutions. AMIL Care in 2016 is founded and buys the patent, thus becoming a point of reference in the world of disinfection.

Compliance is crucial when it comes to disinfection protocols, which is why AMIL Care makes available to its clients all the certifications that endorse and guarantee their effectiveness.


The value system that guides AMIL Care is to act towards our staff, our customers, the community and the environment based on integrity and professionalism.

Experience has led us to focus on certifications as a form of guarantee for reliability, which has resulted in a method capable of generating solid, efficient and innovative products.

We are leaders thanks to the knowledge that comes from the constant collaboration with professionals in the relevant fields, as well as the incessant scientific research of new technologies and the constant challenges of multi-resistant pathogens in the health and non-health sectors.

The quality of living expressed in the sanitization/disinfection of the communities and environments, is way of life for AMIL Care that comes from within… It is nourished through knowledge and it grows as an obligation for a healthier world.


We focus to engage stakeholders and major international bodies to make inform decisions by providing the support needed, listening and creating tailor-made solutions for all the different individual sectors.

The company not only manufactures and distributes products, we are also dedicated educators who seek appropriate and responsible teachings on the processes, instruments and phenomena that revolve around disinfection issues.

Our team of professionals is always committed to providing products of the highest quality, exceeding expectations, with precise answers and customized solutions that meet the needs of operators, giving them a competitive advantage.

AMIL Care’s passion is not only the creation of quality products, but the need to strive to create a healthier and safer world.