Many are involved in disinfection,
none as AMIL Care.

MEDISYSTEM is the combination of our patented Class I automatic medical devices (CE marked / FDA registered), with micronebulizers from (2 to 4 nozzles) together with the ready-to-use ecological solutions produced by AMIL Care. The system provides effective and total high-level disinfection, with “NO TOUCH” technology capable of treating volumes from 10 to 10,000 m3 (350 to 350,000 ft3).

Thanks to its international patent, the system disinfects by saturation the most confined and difficult to reach areas, also effective on smooth and porous surfaces. Through a turbine, particles of (<1 to 5 µm) are emitted in constant quantity according to the established assigned protocol, in compliance with current safety and health regulations.

The effectiveness of the production process is certified at all stages. This is the best guarantee that the product always meets the most stringent standards like electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety. The result is simple (not corrosive/no residue), safe and with documented efficacy against multi-resistant pathogens.

Medisystem’s spectrum of effectiveness is higher than most competitive systems, since it boasts virucidal, bactericidal, mycobactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal activity.  Standardization, traceability and automation of the process allows greater safety and excludes the possibility of human error because it can be used regardless of operator intervention.  

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