AMIL Care specializes in the design, development, and implementation of new automated technologies for disinfection. The heart of the activity is Medisystem, the system developed by the company to offer disinfection standards that can be replicated and certified in all conditions. 

The AMIL Care product range includes several automated dispensing devices. Portable and simple to use, these devices can treat maximum volumes from 500 to 10,000 cubic meters, with a number of dispensing nozzles ranging from one to four. 

Medibios micro-nebulizers are protected by a patent which guarantees that their protocol can be standardized regardless of human intervention. Thanks to a fine calibration, the system disinfects by saturating a confined space and dispensing the product in constant quantity and frequency, according to the assigned protocol. The micro-nebulizers work exclusively with the associated disinfectant chemicals, also developed by AMIL Care. 

In this article, we will explore in detail the lines of disinfectant solutions, differentiated according to the intended use: Evolyse and Sterilbios for the healthcare and hospital sectors, Sanibios or environments related to the world of industry, services, and of hospitality. 

This is a useful material for all those professionals who like to deepen the topics mentioned, from hygiene managers in industries to health professionals, clinical engineers, and hygiene managers in the food industries. 

AMIL Care chemical products for the healthcare environment 

Evolyse and Sterilbios are ready-to-use solutions based on hydrogen peroxide and silver salts. These are airborne disinfectants of non-invasive medical devices and surfaces such as equipment, operating tables, and medical/dental units. 

The main characteristics of Evolyse and Sterilbios reflect the requirements described in the Guidelines for the correct use of antiseptic disinfectants, namely: 

  • biocidal activity, i.e. aimed at destroying, eliminating, or rendering harmless, preventing the action, or exerting another control effect on any harmful organism; 
  • a broad spectrum of action; 
  • quick action; 
  • non-toxicity for humans at the concentrations of use; 
  • harmlessness on the materials to be treated; 
  • ease of application; 
  • quality and safety; 
  • the economy of management. 

Evolyse and Sterilbios, therefore belong to the category of high-level disinfectants, because their action leads to the destruction of all microorganisms and some sporal forms (reduction of 4-5 logs, i.e. 10,000/100,000 times less the number of germs). 

Both products are available in the Basic version (with a concentration of hydrogen peroxide at 6%) and Strong (12%) and in the 1liter or 2liter format, to satisfy every need. 

Hydrogen peroxide is a biocide widely used for disinfection, sterilization and antisepsis, with quadrivalent action and active on biofilms. It has proven sporicidal activity and is safe for the environment. 

The concentration of silver salts is 10 ppm, corresponding to 10 mg/Kg. Silver has a strong antimicrobial charge and is therefore considered one of the most powerful natural disinfectants, with a broad-spectrum germicidal action. 

AMIL Care chemical products for the non-healthcare environment

For the sanitization of non-healthcare environments, AMIL Care has created Sanibios: a self-drying sanitizer based on active oxygen, which has a whitening and anti-stain function. The solution can be used on all washable surfaces. Its slightly acidic formula favors the polishing of the treated surfaces and the elimination of limescale residues. Fragrance-free, it is suitable, for example, for sanitizing food processing industries, kitchens, hotels, and nursing homes. 

Also, in this case, the product is available in several versions depending on the need. 

AMIL Care is also present in the field of hand sanitization. In fact, the company’s range of chemical products is completed with Purebios: a purifying emulsion for the hands, based on 3% hydrogen peroxide, with a cleansing and moisturizing action. Its formulation allows to eliminate of bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi from the skin, without the need to use water. 

The AMIL Care method in the Medisystem system 

The AMIL Care Medisystem system is followed in all its phases by operators specialized in the professional sanitation sector. Patent-protected process standardization and automation allow for greater safety and exclude the possibility of human error. 

However, innovation and technological solutions must not only prove to be effective: they must meet the standards of the countries in which they operate and those of the scientific community. Since the origins of the company, AMIL Care’s production process has implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of UNI ES ISO 9001 and UNI CEI ISO 13485 standards. 

Furthermore, all the devices comply with the CEI EN 61326-1 and CEI EN 61010 standards, then CE, CE 0426, and FDA (U.S. FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION). 

The importance of professional disinfection

For effective sanitization of environments, it is essential that the actions of the operators are supported by scientific studies, high-tech solutions, and solid experience in the field. In addition to that, as mentioned, a professional disinfectant must be able to respond adequately to the regulations in force which are continuously updated. 

In the name AMIL Care, the acronym “AMIL” stands for Advanced Medical Instruments Lab. 

The name evokes some keywords that represent the heart of the company: science, technology, analysis, and innovation. 

It is precisely values ​​such as experience, knowledge, research, and attention that make AMIL Care the reference interlocutor in the field of environmental sanitation for all professionals in the medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, and food sectors.