Privacy Policy

This note is intended to clarify the regulations for the protection of personal data, in particular as regards the rights of the parties and the procedures for their protection. In this sense, inform all of those who access our site that:

  1. During the consultation of our web pages you may collect data and personal information by voluntarily filling of the forms, through the action of stored files, either temporarily or permanently on your hard-disk (cd. cookies) and through the use of other software components downloaded or activated during navigation (eg. ActiveX components). The data collected will be processed by us in order to provide information or promotional material about our business, even with the use of electronic communication tools (eg. fax, mail, sms, etc..), prepare offers and quotes, gather statistics about our website, speed, improve or customize the level of service to users. The data collected will be stored either in electronic or paper format and will be processed by AMIL Care CORP. in compliance with all the measures provided for by law to protect the rights of those concerned. For more information or to provide services to users our site hosts links to other websites or applications. The privacy policies applicable to such sites are not under our control and do not extend to them the protections provided by this note.
  2. The conferment of data is optional; the refusal to provide such data or disable the use of cookies or other components could imply on the one hand the impossibility for us to send the requested information and, secondly, a not entirely correct functionality of the site.
  3. The data collected will be used only by the personnel assigned by the company. For technical reasons related to the mode of operation of Internet it is possible that the data present on the network pass through servers in foreign countries, including non-EU. AMIL Care CORP. has no way to control these data streams. The user of the site is aware of this, agrees that the transmission of data is at his own risk and exempts AMIL Care CORP. from any liability for damages that may result from unauthorized access or misuse at this stage. In case of use of applications from other websites or access to external links to our site, AMIL Care CORP. does not assume any responsibility about the personal data that could be communicated there.