Covid-19 has had a great impact on the dental sector, even before the Pandemic the risk of contracting infections was considerably high.

Dental infections can occur due to improper instrument sterilization, lack of proper room disinfection, or complications that may arise from dental surgery.


Infections acquired in dental offices are generally called cross infections: this term refers to infectious diseases that are transmitted between people generally, but not exclusively between health professionals and patients. Cross-infected microorganisms have different characteristics, both in terms of morbidity and contagiousness.

They are also transmitted through direct contact with liquids or through the use of contaminated instruments, but also in environments that have not been properly sanitized.


Thanks to AMIL Care’s high-level disinfection and its implementation of certified standards, the dental industry has a proven system to rely on.

Our company is always at the forefront in the fight against infections, also covering the needs of the dental sector with Medisystem. A system that combines automated high-level disinfection medical devices with “NO-TOUCH” technology and our ecological chemical product Evolyse.


Medibios Basic Dental is our patented micro-nebulizer that complies with electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety standards, in accordance with current regulations. It has two rotating emission nozzles that can treat areas from 10 to 500 m3 (350 to 17,500 ft3).

Evolyse is our ready-to-use solution based on hydrogen peroxide and silver sulfate (10 ppm), which has sporicidal, bactericidal, mycobactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects. Hydrogen peroxide is a widely used biocide for disinfection, sterilization and antisepsis. It has a tetravalent action and is active in biofilms.

The Evolyse product is micro-nebulized through a turbine, releasing particles (<1 to 5 µm) that are transported through the air and reach any free surface, remaining in suspension until their natural decomposition, instead of precipitating as in common aerosolization systems.

The saturation of the environment and the effectiveness of the Evolyse disinfectant guarantee complete disinfection, even in hard-to-reach places where traditional methods cannot achieve the results required by the standards.