We know by now, especially in light of the recent SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, how fundamental sanitization, and disinfection of environments in general are. There are many studies that have confirmed this thesis, for example, the Indications for sanitizing indoor environments to prevent the transmission of SARS-COV2 of the ISS Infection Prevention and Control Working Group. 

Then, in hospital environments it all becomes even more important: correct sanitization allows you to prevent concrete risks of infection, and therefore to guarantee greater safety for the health of both patients and healthcare professionals. Also in this case, the studies present are many: the report we are attaching is from the World Health Organization (Global Report on infection prevention and Control). 

Today we’re talking about Medibios Plus, the latest generation micro-nebulizer of ready-to-use solutions. It is a practical, handy, and technological CE-marked Class I medical device designed for use in various hospital areas. 

It is positioned in the intermediate range of the Medibios range produced by AMIL Care and is covered by a European, American, and Mexican patent. Medibios Plus supplies liquid solutions such as class IIa medical devices, biocides, medical-surgical aids and supplies, and sanitizers. With Medibios Plus, it is possible to set up and carry out sanitization, disinfection, and disinfestation cycles. 

Each operator must scrupulously comply with the warnings and instructions provided in the manual, contained within each product. 

With this article, we want to present Medibios Plus to the professional figures who may be interested in it, such as for example Purchasing Managers in hospitals, Medical Equipment Management Managers, Clinical Engineers (Aiic), and Safety and Hygiene Managers (HSE). 

 Medibios Plus: the components of the device

First, let’s see together what the components of Medibios Plus are. On the device, in addition to the display, there are two fuses, a flow control valve, a switch, the socket for downloading data from the USB stick, and a LAN port. 

Together with the device, the package includes: 

  • a power cord; 
  • a USB stick; 
  • two reducers are needed to insert the product to be dispensed. 

Depending on the needs, AMIL Care offers a series of excellent and high-quality dispensing products: these are airborne disinfectants of non-invasive medical devices and surfaces such as equipment, operating tables, and medical units. 

Depending on the percentage of hydrogen peroxide, we will have: 

  • Evolyse Basic – 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • Sterilbios Basic – 6% hydrogen peroxide 
  • Evolyse Strong – 12% hydrogen peroxide 
  • Sterilbios Strong – 12% hydrogen peroxide 

Evolyse and Sterilbios are ready-to-use solutions based on hydrogen peroxide and silver salts. These are airborne disinfectants of non-invasive medical devices and surfaces such as equipment, operating tables, and medical/dental units. The products, which we will discuss in detail in a dedicated article, are available in 1-, 2-, and 5-liter bottles. 

Medibios Plus differs from Medibios Basic for several of its characteristics: 

  • it is managed by tablet and remotely; 
  • it provides for bottle recognition with RFID; 
  • it allows you to enter completely customizable sizes and programs; 
  • it allows you to set, memorize and enter 300 different programs for each of the three sanitation, disinfection, and disinfestation options; 
  • it has an IR sensor mounted directly on the device. 

Medibios Plus: how to prepare environments

Before carrying out a treatment, it is necessary to observe some precautions, to ensure that the procedure is safe for everyone. 

It is necessary to ensure that the premises are suitable. Indeed, it is necessary to make sure: 

  • that there are no air extraction systems turned on at the time of treatment. In the event that it is not possible to deactivate the ventilation system, the correction factors can be evaluated based on the characteristics of the system; 
  • that there are no product leaks in the room to be treated (where necessary, seal the cracks in the doors with adhesive tape); 
  • to display the notice of treatment in progress outside the premises; 
  • that the room is dry and clean; 
  • that there are no people or animals inside the room to be sanitized. 

Medibios Plus: The functioning of the device

First, it is necessary to carefully place the device on a perfectly flat surface within the room to be treated, taking care to leave a distance of about 1 meter on the dispensing line to allow for proper dispensing. Furthermore, it is advisable to make sure that the device rests on the shock-absorbing feet and not on the lower body, so as not to block the ventilation and air intake slots. 

Once the device is powered, the standby screen will appear; the display shows the logo, information on the manufacturing company, the date, time, and temperature. 

Before starting the sanitization cycle, of course, the bottle must be placed in the housing located behind the device. All you have to do is unscrew the bottle, replace the cap with one of the two reducers supplied, and insert the reducer into the device. A clang will indicate that the bottle is allocated correctly. Medibios Plus, like Medibios Basic, supports 1 and 2 liter bottles. 

Before starting the device, it is necessary to make sure that the two nozzles of the dispenser are perfectly aligned, in order to prevent the jets from crossing each other. 

Using the Program button we can enter or change the dosages according to our needs. Among other things, Medibios Plus allows environments ranging from 10 to 2000 cubic meters to be entered. 

When you reach the desired volume, just press Program and the device is ready for use by pressing the Start button. You will hear a 15-second countdown before the actual departure: at this moment, the operator and anyone present has time to leave the room and close the door tightly, as we said, to prevent dispersions. 

Medibios Plus: the available icons 

The Medibios Plus display has six icons, which make the operation of the device extremely intuitive. 

  • Cycles icon: it provides for the customization of the three treatment options, i.e. sanitation, disinfection, and disinfestation. In addition to these cycles, the device also has a washing cycle, which allows the tank to be completely emptied. 
  • Alarm icon: should there be some problem, the alarm icon will clearly indicate the problem in progress – for example in the event of insufficient liquid, or temperature out of range. 
  • Report icon: in this panel, it will be possible to download the operations already carried out onto a USB stick. 
  • Delivery icon. 
  • Settings icon: here you can make configurations to make the device more suitable for your needs, such as activating or deactivating the buzzer, or adjusting the clock, calendar, language, and display brightness. 
  • Programming icon: here it is possible to memorize and reproduce the programmed cycles. 

With access as a maintenance technician or distributor, Medibios Plus gives the possibility to enter the name of the structure in which it is authorized and to select the preferred unit of measurement between cubic meters and cubic feet, as well as degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, it is possible to activate or deactivate the options for the Hub version, including the infrared sensor. The device can be equipped with options thanks to a software update via a USB stick. 

The scheduling of a cycle is totally customizable, both in terms of the size of the room, the dosage of the chosen product, and the time at which to start the cycle itself; with weekly scheduling, for example, we can automatically start the program we have set, without having to set it every time. 

Medibios Plus is the flagship of AMIL Care devices: for further information or a quote, do not hesitate to contact us.