Maintaining food safety in the food industry is of great importance and should not be underestimated. Foodborne illnesses are not limited to hospital settings and can be contracted through the consumption of food. Various food toxins and foodborne illnesses can impair the food production process in all its stages.

Every stage of the food production process, including processing, storage, and sale, requires proper hygiene measures to ensure food safety. To do this, you need to use the best tools. 

And when are the areas to be sanitized objectively large? Maxibios takes care of it. 

We at AMIL Care have decided to dedicate a specific article to the Maxibios device, focusing in particular on the role of food industry purchasing department managers. 

Today we’re talking about Maxibios, the latest generation micro-nebulizer of ready-to-use solutions, designed for civil-industrial use. 

Maxibios is a device designed for large environments, for large volumes, and covers from 10 to 10,000 cubic meters. Each operator must scrupulously comply with the warnings and instructions provided in the manual, contained within each product. Maxibios is covered by Italian, European, American, and Mexican patents. 

Maxibios: the components of the device 

Let’s see together what the components of Maxibios are. In addition to the display, the machine has four fuses, a switch, a USB key socket for downloading data and updating the software, and a power socket. With Maxibios, it is possible to set up and carry out sanitization, disinfection, and disinfestation cycles. 

Together with the machine, the package includes: 

  • a power cord;
  • a USB stick. 

Maxibios is designed for non-hospital environments and involves the use of a main product: Sanibios. 

Sanibios is a self-drying sanitizer based on hydrogen peroxide, with a whitening and anti-stain function, which can be used on all washable surfaces. Its slightly acidic formula favors the polishing of the treated surfaces and the elimination of limescale residues. 

There are several versions, compatible with Maxibios: 

  • Sanibios free, based on 6% hydrogen peroxide; 
  • Sanibios free, based on 12% hydrogen peroxide; 
  • Sanibios Ag+, based on 6% hydrogen peroxide and 10 ppm silver sulfate; 
  • Sanibios Ag+, based on 12% hydrogen peroxide and 10 ppm silver sulfate. 

Sanibios is available in 1, 2, or 5-liter format: Maxibios supports the 5-liter tank. 

Maxibios: how to prepare environments

Before carrying out a treatment, it is necessary to observe some precautions, to ensure that the procedure is safe for everyone. 

It is necessary to ensure that the premises are suitable. Indeed, it is necessary to make sure: 

  • no air extraction systems are turned on at the time of treatment. If it is not possible to deactivate the ventilation system, the correction factors can be evaluated based on the characteristics of the system; 
  • that there are no product leaks in the room to be treated (where necessary, seal the cracks in the doors with adhesive tape); 
  • to display the notice of treatment in progress outside the premises; 
  • that the room is dry and clean; 
  • that there are no people or animals inside the room to be sanitized. 

Maxibios: the functioning of the device

The first thing to do is to power the device with the supplied cable, equipped with a safety socket. This prevents the cable from being torn off once hooked up; it can be easily released by acting on the socket release system. 

Once the device is powered, the display shows the logo and information on the manufacturing company. By clicking on the start button, after typing one of the 8 available passwords, you can land on the icon screen. 

Maxibios: the icons available

The Maxibios display has six icons, making the device operation extremely intuitive. 

  • cycles icon: provides for the customization of the three treatment options, i.e. sanitation, disinfection, and disinfestation. In addition to these cycles, the device also has a washing cycle, which allows the tank to be completely emptied. 
  • alarm icon: should there be any problem, the alarm icon will clearly indicate the problem in progress – for example in the event of insufficient liquid, or temperature out of range, etc.; 
  • report icon: in this panel, it will be possible to download the operations already carried out onto the USB stick; 
  • delivery icon; 
  • settings icon: here you can make configurations to make the device more suitable for your needs, such as activating or deactivating the buzzer, or adjusting the clock, calendar, language, and display brightness. 
  • programming icon: memorizing and reproducing the programmed cycles is possible at this point. 

By logging in as a maintainer or distributor, in Maxibios you can enter the name of the facility where you are authorized and select your preferred unit of measure from cubic meters and cubic feet, as well as degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, activating or deactivating the options for the Hub version, including the infrared sensor, is also possible. The device can be equipped with options thanks to software updates via a USB stick. 

The scheduling of a cycle is totally customizable, both in terms of the size of the room, the dosage of the chosen product, and the time at which to start the cycle itself; for example, with weekly scheduling, we can automatically start the program we have set, without having to set it each time. 

Before carrying out any cycle, it is necessary to make sure that the product canisters are correctly positioned in the appropriate drawer and connected to the device. These operations always require the use of gloves. The tanks have a cap, which must be removed, to allow the one inside the device to be screwed on. 

The device has four nozzles which should be positioned in parallel or in divergence so that the jets do not cross each other or face an obstacle. 

At this point, we can carry out the actual sanitization cycle by clicking on the dispensing symbol.  

Maxibios: useful information 

Maxibios is the answer to sanitization in the industrial, food, cosmetic, and biological sectors. 

Summarized here are the characteristics of Maxibios: 

  • Weight: 40Kg 
  • Tractable volume: from 10 to 10000 m3 
  • An early cycle start signal 
  • Alarm signal 
  • Unit of measure setting [øC/øF – m3ft3] 
  • Measuring temperature 
  • Measurement of relative saturation, relative humidity and H2o2ppm by volume (optional) 
  • Touch screen 
  • Language selection (IT – EN – ES) 
  • Security log-in with password 
  • Setting up to 300 programs per type of activity 
  • 4 validated protocols [1 ml/m- 3 ml/m3- 5 ml/m3- 5+5 ml/m3] 
  • Possibility to memorize the name of the room, the cubic meters, and the protocol (concentration ml/m3) on each program 
  • Wash cycle 
  • Cycle start: immediate – weekly 
  • Programmable delayed start 
  • Checking the level of liquid in the bottle, insufficient liquid signal 
  • Activation/deactivation of the buzzer (acoustic signal) 
  • Adjust the display brightness and screen saver setting 
  • Saves the datalog of the cycles performed on a USB stick 
  • Export of cycles performed (datalog) in PDF format report (non-editable) 
  • Upload software update via USB.