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AMIL stands for Advanced Medical Instruments Lab. Science, Technology, Analysis and Innovation represent the strength of our company.

AMIL Care specializes in the design, development and implementation of new automated technologies to standardize disinfection processes. The main focus is to offer replicable and certifiable standards of effectiveness in all conditions.

For AMIL Care, technological innovations and disinfection solutions must not only be effective, but must also meet the objectives set by the international scientific community, to guarantee a high level of quality of services and products.

The goal of AMIL Care is to guide the culture of disinfection based on scientific studies, thus providing well-founded and specific answers to the needs of operators in full compliance with the regulations. As a result MEDISYSTEM was created.

We are leaders thanks to the knowledge that comes from the constant collaboration with professionals in the relevant fields, as well as the continuous scientific research of new technologies and pathogen resistant challenges in the healthcare and non-healthcare sectors.       

AMIL Care is a medical device manufacturer and authorized producer of PMC and BIOCIDE. All stages of production are approved and supervised directly by our company. The headquarters, the laboratory and the production plant are located in Carbonate, Province (CO) Italy.


21 January 2021|

The fight against hospital infections is the real challenge of the future. Covid-19 has reminded the world of the serious risk factors associated with the spread of viruses. However, before the Pandemic, the situation [...]