Photocatalysis: an environmentally friendly solution


Sanitizing environments, as we know by now, is essential, whether it is the sanitization of healthcare environments - hospitals, dental offices, outpatient clinics, or industrial environments - the food industry, for obvious reasons, is in the lead to this list.  Of course, sanitizing is important, but so is respecting the environment, even if it is [...]

Photocatalysis: an environmentally friendly solution2023-09-20T11:09:19+02:00

Climate change and health risks: how to prevent them


There is increasing talk of climate change, the topic, as it should be, has rightfully entered the public debate and is influencing the actions of governments and communities. Studies are multiplying that analyze the negative effects of human actions on the environment and the actions to try to mitigate them. However, the consequences of climate [...]

Climate change and health risks: how to prevent them2023-09-27T12:42:43+02:00

Let’s discover the Medisystem disinfection system


Medisystem was born from the experience of AMIL Care, a patented, automated disinfection system capable of providing a broad spectrum of effectiveness, thanks to the combination of micro-nebulizing machines and chemical solutions based on hydrogen peroxide. In this way, Medisystem distinguishes itself from the competition by reaching high levels of disinfection, thanks to its virucidal, [...]

Let’s discover the Medisystem disinfection system2023-10-18T10:07:58+02:00

The importance of sanitizing bathing establishments


We are in the middle of summer, to remind us, in addition to the increasingly urgent desire to go on vacation, there are also the record temperatures that touch 40 degrees which make the days more tiring. Before leaving for the holidays, however, you need to pay attention to all those situations that favor the [...]

The importance of sanitizing bathing establishments2023-10-19T13:35:35+02:00

The infectious risk in swimming pools


All environments characterized by the presence of water and humidity represent a fertile ground for the proliferation and transmission of pathogens of various kinds. We therefore think of recreational facilities such as swimming pools, spas, wellness centers, and thermal baths. In these places, it is necessary to carry out correct disinfection to avoid the risk [...]

The infectious risk in swimming pools2023-10-03T12:21:01+02:00

Infectious diseases in prisons


The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how the spread of the virus is facilitated in certain environments, especially enclosed ones.   Penitentiary facilities are among the closed environments most prone to the possibility of infectious risk in general, as well as the Covid-19 virus. Proper hygiene plays a key role in preventing infectious diseases in these spaces [...]

Infectious diseases in prisons2023-09-11T12:49:42+02:00

Maxibios: let’s discover the device


Maintaining food safety in the food industry is of great importance and should not be underestimated. Foodborne illnesses are not limited to hospital settings and can be contracted through the consumption of food. Various food toxins and foodborne illnesses can impair the food production process in all its stages. Every stage of the food production [...]

Maxibios: let’s discover the device2023-08-02T15:10:27+02:00

Sanitization of public and private means of transport


Means of transportation, especially public ones, are characterized by large crowds and continuous exchange of people; those who use them on a daily basis are exposed to the risk of infectious contacts. In fact, there are a number of pathogens that can spread through means of transportation. Therefore, proper sanitization of means of transport is [...]

Sanitization of public and private means of transport2023-08-03T12:12:59+02:00

Evolyse, Sterilbios, Sanibios: AMIL Care disinfectant chemical products


AMIL Care specializes in the design, development, and implementation of new automated technologies for disinfection. The heart of the activity is Medisystem, the system developed by the company to offer disinfection standards that can be replicated and certified in all conditions.  The AMIL Care product range includes several automated dispensing devices. Portable and simple to [...]

Evolyse, Sterilbios, Sanibios: AMIL Care disinfectant chemical products2023-05-30T17:26:02+02:00

Hydrogen peroxide for sanitization: all the benefits


The importance of sanitizing environments has always been crucial to guarantee the safety and health of the people who frequent them. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning and disinfection have become even more crucial to preventing the spread of the virus. Among the various products used for sanitization, hydrogen peroxide is one of [...]

Hydrogen peroxide for sanitization: all the benefits2023-06-06T15:06:20+02:00
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